Friday, December 13, 2013

First Salt room opened in Rehabilitation centre Zagreb, Sloboština

On 25th of November Natalis Samobor, regional representative of IIRIS salt therapy products in Balkan region since 2011 opened the halotherapy room in Centre for rehabilitation "Zagreb", Croatia. This is the first halotherapy room made especially for children with moderate, severe and profound mental retardation. 
Good Estonian practice in similar rehabilitation centres in Tallinn was a guiding principle for making a similar halotherapy room in Zagreb. 

Centre for rehabilitation "Zagreb" was founded in 1947 by Ministry of Labour and Social Care. Activities of the Centre include rehabilitation of children, young and adult persons with moderate, severe and profound mental retardation. They are carried out through different programs and activities and therapies:

           health care and prevention (health services)
           preschool care and education
           primary school education
           program sin family counselling for parents
           occupational and psychosocial rehabilitation
           social work program
           cultural and public activities
           prevention od institutionalization
           different therapies (sneezy room, musical therapy, therapeutic riding)
           …and new therapy - halotherpy

Halotherapy room in Sloboština has special effects that are the same in regular salt rooms. Additionally, this room can be used as a rehabilitation room  for other therapies.
It is very important to have special microclimate conditions for a quality halotherapy. IIRIS products work on patented mode and all measurements for providing a quality therapy classifies IIRIS halogenerators in a special class of instruments. In Estonian hospitals, IIRIS halogenerators are in use for salt therapy purposes for years and IIRIS was Natalis' choice in making halotherapy room in rehabilitation centre in Zagreb.

Eastern Europe is practicing speleotherapy from 19th century and halotherapy is a way of providing microclimate conditions of caves in artificial space – halotherapy room. Salt room is a special room where walls are covered by salt BUT a quality halotherapy can be also in a salt cocoon or special cabin .
We are very happy to present this project and hope that salt therapy or halotherapy as a complementary therapy will be recognized in Croatia like it is in Estonia!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Salt Works for Respiratory, Skin Disorders

Sodium chloride (NaCl), more commonly known as salt, is found in abundance in nature and is without a doubt the most frequently used condiment around the globe. Read how salt can be successfully used to relieve many health concerns including respiratory and skin disorders: "Why Salt Works for Respiratory, Skin Disorders"

Salt room in Kolkata, India

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What is "salt therapy"? A journey to...

This article presents a journey of an asthmatic person to find the right cure and to lower the medications intake. After going through the whole shopping list of different therapies such as pilates, acupuncture etc she finally found salt therapy. READ the article

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Halotherapy lecture in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
May 18th 2013

Tuzla is the only city in Europe with salt lakes and the only city in the world where salt lakes, baths and beaches are located in the centre of the city. Millions of years ago, as the great Pannonian Sea was receding from European ground it left millions of tons of salt rock and salt water underneath Tuzla. Thanks to this natural wealth, and with the aid of domestic experts, in 2003, this salt water was turned into the first Pannonian Lake and the second Pannonian Lake in 2008. These lakes contain salt water rich with minerals, which is pumped to the surface with the aid of salt wells. Aside from its recreational and entertainment value, the lakes and their water have healing properties, especially for aiding in treating health issues like skin problems, rheumatic ailments, and respiratory disorders.  The Pannonian Lakes occupy a surface of 17.000 square meters, with 1.000 meter long beaches and a park land of 60.000 square meters. The salinity of the water is equal to that of sea water and contains 30 to 40 grams per litre. The salt water itself has exceptional therapeutic properties. The lake facilities contain playgrounds for children and fitness areas. In four years’ time, the Pannonian Lake complex has been visited by more than two million tourists.


Dr. Greta Gunek-Mačukat and mag. Phy. Irena Majica were invited in city Tuzla by prof. E. Bećirović to do lecture about Halotherapy and study what is going on in children’ clinic Helena in Zagreb, Croatia.
Lecture was organized by prof. Bećirović occupied several doctors with different specializations, pharmacists and common people - everybody who wanted to learn more about rehabilitation methods. Introduction lecture into speleotherapy and halotherapy was made prof. Bećirović, leader of Rehabilitation Department of the University of Medicine in Tuzla. It was necessary to show that this kind of rehabilitation is present in Eastern part of Europe since 19th century, but still very little present in the“Western world”. Emphasis was in showing that allopathic medicine in combinations with rehabilitation methods give better results, prolong remission among patients and give new methods that are simple and use nature’s resources.
Dr Greta Gunek-Mačukat made a lecture about halotherapy and presented the first results that are collected from the salt cocoon therapy in Helena clinic within past 18 months. The survey aims to track effects of halotherapy on children with asthma in controlled conditions, recurrent obstructive bronchitis, atopic dermatitis, otitis media, and recurrent laryngitis. Most research in halotherapy has been carried out on adults. However, children are frequent users of halotherapy, and additional investigations are needed in the paediatric population. The research results should prove halotherapy effects as natural method for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from the most common chronic diseases of the respiratory system and skin combining it with allopathic medicine.

Mag. Phy. Irena Majica gave short lecture about methods of conducting halotherapy with emphasis on microclimate in salt cocoon, salt cabins or salt rooms where halotherapy is conducted with special machine called dry salt aerosol generator IIRIS 136. It is necessary to say that halotherapy is a new method developed from speleotherapy. It uses only simple input of NaCl (rock salt) in salt capsule/cabin or salt room. This relatively new method is still finding its place in global range. 

This therapy isn’t only for health and rehabilitation. It can provide great results in cosmetics and SPA treatment.

Lecture was ended by visiting salt lakes in Tuzla. It was very sunny and warm and we wished to stay longer...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Psoriasis and bromine levels

Read this interesting piece of research which explains the connection between bromine levels and psoriasis...
Main points:

1. Psoriasis sufferers have lower bromine level in their body than non sufferers
2. Bathing in Dead Sea salts increases the bromine levels
3. This experiment shows that a natural increase of Bromine will occur when bathing in Dead Sea Salts
4. If the Bromine levels in a patient are low, bromine will "penetrate" into the system in a natural way.

The reading is available HERE

We offer Spa Magik Dead Sea bath salts for daily bathing:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Salt therapy tried by sportsmen

It is known that salt therapy enhances lung capacity, clears the airways and reduces inflammation of the respiratory tract. I have received feedback from singers whose voice has improved considerably after 3-4 salt therapy sessions and I have heard feedback from swimmers. Now, the players from FC Hawks in Australia went on to try what good effects salt therapy can have on their health.
It is just a matter of time until salt rooms will be available in gyms...
Read the article about FC Hawks experience from here:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Informative salt therapy article in Daily Newspaper

Today, after some time, yet another article about salt therapy was published in the biggest Estonian daily newspaper, the Postman (Postimees). The article is so far the best explanation of the "Estonian model" of implementing the salt therapy. By far, it's one of the most successful models. The point is that salt therapy is used as a supporting therapy, besides other therapies. And it's successful this way, thus also supported by the Health Insurance Fund. Read the English translation from THIS LINK

Go to original article (in Estonian):

IIRIS Salt room in Romania

Monday, March 25, 2013

Psoriasis and rheumatic diseases: effects of dead sea salt baths

Read these interesting summaries of how a bath, enriched by Dead Sea Salts, can relieve psoriasis and rheumatic complaints!

"Psoriasis sufferers by salts from the Dead Sea" (Dr.Med.J.Arndt), 
"Treatment of rheumatic disorders using medicinal salts from the Dead Sea" (Dr.Med. P. Engel) sufferers helped by salts from dead sea.pdf

Monday, February 18, 2013

Salt cocoon in a small town Võru

Salt therapy is now available to people in Võru - a small town in Southern Estonia. Usually when tourists visit Estonia, Tartu is the deepest in South they reach. Tartu is famous for several attractions like Tartu University...but there are also SPAs and salt rooms. Now, tourists who like salt therapy, can also go to Võru...and pass through Elva on the way! Both cities can now be proud of having the salt cocoons...:)
Read about it (if you can understand Estonian...)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Visit us at Professional Beauty 2013 in London!

IIRIS Salt Therapy will be present at Professional Beauty 2013 in London! We will make a presentation on 24 February at 15:25-15:55. You are welcome to visit us! You can pre-arrange a meeting with us by contacting us already now:
Our partner at the exhibition: Finders Health Ltd, &
More about the exhibition:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Salt therapy success story in Australia

Salt therapy as a method of providing relief to asthma, allergies, dermatitis and many other ailments has now spread across the world. Here's a story how it entered Australia and became popular there. "A salt of the earth entrepreneur" is an interview with Mr David Lindsay. READ the article!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is salt bad?

Below is an interesting article which raises the question whether the salt that we eat is really that bad? Let's forget the fact that the table salt consists of various additives...let's talk about just salt, NaCl. Almost all articles which talk about healthy eating, tell us that "Salt is bad. Eat less salt." Only few articles tell that actually, our bodies need salt; that it's a vital element.
The article below emphasises that all research which prove that salt is hamrful has been carried out within people who already belong into certain risk-group: people with high blood pressure, heart disease etc. But there is no research which proves that salt intake should also be limited amongst healthy people! And studying this is almost impossible as it raises several ethical problems...
Read the article!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why the salt particle size is important?

This paper provides numerous scientifical sources which answer why it is important for the salt particles to have certain size. IIRIS-136 has been brought as an example. IIRIS-136 is a dry salt aerosol generator for salt cabins & salt cocoons for salt therapy purposes. Its studies were carried out at University of Tartu,


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Again about salt therapy's effects on electrolytes and fluids balance

Previously in this blog I have emphasised what good effects salt therapy can have on people who undergo oral corticosteroid treatments (prendisolone, medrol). People who take these drugs for a longer period of time have reported how the treatment makes their bodies to swell; makes them constantly thirsty; gives muscle cramps etc. All these are the signs of electrolytes and fluid imbalance - common side effects of prednisolone and medrol. Now some of these people have tried salt therapy while undergoing corticosteroid treatment and it has helped them a great deal.
"I don't have to drink all night...I am not so thirsty anymore during the days and nights," reported 35 years old Kate who has had lupus for 6 years.
Besides the practical experience by many people, several studies have now shown how salt therapy can contribute towards electrolytes, sodium and fluids balance in our bodies. In other words, it contributes towards normal metabolic processes. See the latest piece: "Influence of Halotherapy on the Hydroelectrolytes Balance in Rats and Hmans" (M.Hoteteu, G.Simionca, R.Rodica, L.Enache. National Institue of Rehabilitation, Bucharest, Romania).
Read our previous post about corticosteroids and salt therapy:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Salt rooms and children

A kid playing in one of the salt rooms in Estonia. If you ask any mother here, you will hear that kinder garden kids constantly have coughs & colds, from September to May. In some kinder gardens, mothers have looked for sponsors to get the salt room built in their kinder garden. The kids' immune system will improve and mom or dad don't need to stay at home so often anymore...