Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Congress on Natural Therapies

Last weekend, on 30-31 March 2012 a Congress of Natural Therapies was held in Samobor, Croatia.  A wide range of topics were presented. Halotherapy was one of them. Congress was listened by doctors, pediatric doctors, pulmonologists etc.

In Croatia, halotherapy as a natural and complementary method to contemporary medicine is still in the beginning. Doctors are unfamiliar with this therapeutic method, as opposed to the citizens who use this natural therapy to prevent and reduce symptoms of colds or allergies. Halotherapy is a lot more than that. Head of Study of halotherapy with IIRIS halogenerators in Croatia, Dr. Greta Gunek Mačukat presented this therapeutic method to listeners:

Emphasis was also placed on the characteristics and quality of the halogenerator that is used to create salt-cave microclimate conditions in the salt room. Salt room is recognized as something general but there is a big difference.
Conclusion - at present, there is interest among citizens and doctors toward complementary methods and for this reason we will continue to work on educating people in order to raise awareness regarding halotherapy especially!

Natalis Regional Representative for IIRIS

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