Friday, September 30, 2011

"You don't have to put hand on mouth when coughing in a salt room"

This article was published in one of the very popular newspapers in Estonia in 2005. It starts by telling that in Estonian climate, salt therapy is more effective than vaccinating against the flu. Very often, people in Estonia get a cough which just won't go away - it may stay for weeks and even months. Salt therapy is something that can provide relief to this long lasting condition.
This article also points out that most of the time, no effect is felt after the first session. This is true - it is necessary to take several sessions in a row. Most common routine is 10-14 sessions, preferably on a daily basis. 
The article states that children enjoy playing in the salt as a substitute of the sand box...They like it so much that they don't want to leave when the session ends!
The article also states that person who coughs in the salt room doesn't have to put hand on his/her mouth because all bacteria die in the salt aerosol (salt kills bacteria and fungi). "Doctors should recommend salt therapy to people more often", claims one of the patients.
Despite all of this, I still recommend always to put hand on mouth when you cough...even when in salt rooms...:) Do it out of respect to your fellows...)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome note

It is finally done - the blog which brings together the information about salt therapy from various different sources. I will start by going back to year 2001 and beyond - the time when we created the first IIRIS machines. I will present some articles which were first published, mostly in our small homeland Estonia. At that time, salt therapy had become acknowledged by many health professionals and salt rooms were opened in each spa or sanatorium. Our crew was building constantly and soon, everyone in Estonia knew what is salt therapy and what benefits it brings. But more about this in the articles.

I hope you will enjoy this reading!

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