Thursday, March 5, 2015

Many new products in sale!

We are happy to announce that we have many new salt therapy products in our assortment! The emphasis has been on private users. People who don’t have salt rooms nearby can now purchase small Salt Therapy Tent or Salt Cabin for their home use. While the Salt Cabin will occupy small corner of your home, the Salt Therapy Tent can be assembled or disassembled anytime. It can be taken with you to holidays etc. We are now also offering Dead Sea Salt Baths which offer great relief to people with psoriasis and arthritis.
Read more about our new products:
1) Salt Therapy Tent

Is meant to be for safe administration of salt therapy in domestic conditions or in case there is no space or possibility to place the salt cabin or salt cocoon. Works on the basis of IIRIS-136 dry salt aerosol generator.

2) Salt Cabin 1 x 1,2m (3,3 x 3,9 ft)
New design with added color therapy lamps, MP3 and speakers.  Works on the basis of IIRIS-136 dry salt aerosol generator.

3) Dead Sea Salt Bath for domestic use
Many contemporary homes don’t have a bath tube. But almost everyone has heard of the miracle effects of the Dead Sea which is especially beneficial for people with different problems like
psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and arthritis. Our home bath tube enables you to take Salt Baths at your home!

4) DSI Dry Salt Inhalators
The DSI: Dry Salt Inhaler is a drug-free and non-invasive device that will help you to breathe easier  on a daily basis.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The New Halogenerator!

We have an honor to introduce the newest dry salt-aerosol generator in IIRIS series:


Manufacturing and deliveries of IIRIS-70 started in 2014 – it is our newest High-Tech product.
Fully plastic body, mill and feeder system – simple to lift and maintain. PRICE is really surprising! 


  • Manually controlled dry salt-aerosol generator  
  • The machine is installed outside the salt room 
  • Suits for rooms up to 60m2.
  • The mechanical board consists of 3 easily replaced blocks (a feeder; a mill; a fan)
  • The electronic block contains the microprocessor
  • Provides 6 levels of salt therapy
  • Possible voltages are: 12V (DC); 110 V (US & Canada) or 220 V (Europe etc)
  • Can control 3 outside circuits (periphery): lights and ventilators (less, than 1500W)
  • Power consumption without any periphery: less than 50W
  • The dry salt-aerosol is continuously blown into the room
  • Height 500, width 350, depth 250 mm 
  • Weight: 12  kg 
  • WARRANTY -  2 years

Friday, October 31, 2014

New spa trend: Salt therapy claims to relieve symptoms of allergies, asthma and skin conditions

Yet another article about salt therapy! Published today in 
"New spa trend: Salt therapy claims to relieve symptoms of allergies, asthma and skin conditions." it is mostly about the new salt room "Salt Spa Walnut Creek" in California, USA.

The article is good. It explains what salt therapy is, brings customers' feedback, some examples of research and also doctor's view to it. It is also interesting to know that in 2011, Spafinder Wellness, a company that tracks the international wellness industry, labeled halotherapy as one of the "top 10 global spa trends."
This article is a recommended reading, here are few more lines from it: 
"Since starting her 45-minute sessions at the salt spa in July, she's enjoyed so much relief she's been able to scale back her use of decongestants and a corticosteroid inhaler."

Middle-schooler Ethan Le, of Walnut Creek, does homework while he and his mother visit the Salt Spa. Ethan began treatments over the summer to stop sinus congestion from keeping him up at night. "After two weeks, he was like, 'Mom, I can finally sleep through the night,' " says his mother, Alona Kremko, whose facial rosacea cleared while she accompanied her son to treatments.  


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Salt therapy for babies

Salt therapy suits for people of all ages. Salts of the Earth has published a great story (see below) about their client who took their restless baby to the salt room and found great relief to coughs.  Family members from IIRIS Salt Therapy Team have a salt room in their home. Babies get regular salt treatment. If there are signs of coughs and colds, salt therapy is the first things to start with. Homeopathy is a good complimentary method that we apply. Only if absolutely necessary (eg. really high fever, ear infection that needs urgent medical attention etc) we give drugs. So: we use alternative methods first but we also consult with pediatricians and we don't outlaw contemporary medicine.
But remember: salt therapy sessions for babies must be much shorter! 10 minutes is maximum for the small baby. For older children, give 15-20 minutes but not more.

Here's a story by Salts of the Earth: 3 for 1 With the Young Mommy

Friday, September 26, 2014

How Salt Therapy May Be the Next Big Thing in Pampering Yourself

An interesting article, published on 17 September 2014 in "Good Morning America". I would however make some corrections...yes, people may be hoping that "breathing in misty salty vapors" is clearing their lungs and purifying their skin. However, I would replace the word "vapor" with the word "aerosol". Even better - the dry salt aerosol. What's the difference? It's been scientifically proven that, the dry salt aerosol is much more effective than misty salt vapor. It enters deeper into the respiratory tract and doesn't cause congestion. So, if you really want to be pampered in a salt room, make sure to use our Dry Salt Aerosol Generators IIRIS!

The article also shows there is clearly need for domestic halotherapy solutions: "Some drive up to three hours to experience the $45, 45-minute spa treatments. Many wind up buying $1,000 unlimited, yearly memberships." Rather than doing this, you can buy our salt cocoon or small IIRIS-136 salt aerosol generator and put it into your house. You can pamper yourself in your house whenever you want! Our products are available globally.

Contact us: IIRIS Salt Therapy,

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Worth its Salt - the New Indian Express

Salt therapy is really making its way into newspapers in India! Yet another article, this time in "New Indian Express" on 14th June 2014. Author Isak Dinesen said, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” Taking a cue from Dinesen’s age old statement, a new version of halotherapy/salt therapy is here in India, only this is minus the sea and tears. Continue the reading from HERE

Friday, May 23, 2014

Salt therapy experience in India

On 21 May an interesting article was published in DNA India: "Salt therapy healing many an ailment." The article introduces several testimonials from people who got great relief from salt therapy. Dr KP Loknath Kumar, the owner of Respicare India, explains how it works and why salt therapy is so effective. Respicare uses IIRIS salt aerosol generators. Respicare website is available HERE
Download the article from below: