Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Salt therapy can relieve oral corticosteroids side effects

Often times when we talk about salt therapy, we are mentioning its curative effects in case of asthma, broncihits, dermatitis and hay fever. However, how many of you have experienced the benefits of salt therapy thanks to its ability to re-establish fluid, sodium and electrolytes balance in our bodies? Not only does the salt therapy lead towards stronger lung capacity and youthful skin - it has a balancing effect on the body as a whole.
This effect has now been experienced by people suffering from auto-immune diseases (lupus, arthritis) who are on a daily treatment of oral corticosteroids such as medrol (methylprednisolone) or prednisolone. This drug is known for its uncomfortable side effects, most importantly – the fluid & sodium retention and electrolytes imbalance. By taking salt therapy while on oral corticosteroid treatment, these uncomfortable side effects can be relieved. 

Monday, October 15, 2012


Poliklinika Helena, Zagreb, Croatia. September 2012
Preliminary, not final results

Start of research: December 2011
Number of children studied: 50
Method: Salt therapy in salt cocoon and in salt room
Machines used: IIRIS-136 and IIRIS-35 dry salt aerosol generators

1)  Respiratory diseases: Dr G. Gunek Mačukat (left on the photo), Dr M.šunić Omejc, M.Jerbić
- Asthma
- Recurrent obstructive bronchitis
- Pollinosis
- Asthma + pollinosis
- Asthma + atopic dermatitis
Number of patients: average 16 (1-15 years)
Satisfaction with therapy: 16 (all)
Desire for therapy repetition: 16 (all)
Sessions taken: 10
Considerable decrease or even discontinuation of use of medicaments in 50% cases.
Children who have seasonal deterioration of disease (eg. in winter) had no deterioration if halotherapy was used for prevention.

2) Atopic dermatitis: Lena Kotrulja, Dr Nives Pustišek (left on the photo)
Number of patients: average 17 (14 months - 15 years)
Sessions taken: 20
SCORAD index before therapy: from 20 to 61.8 (average 36,74)
SCORAD index after therapy: from 3-36,8 (average 21.85)

2 out of 17 patients had no effect
3 out of 17 patients had almost completely clean skin status