Monday, October 15, 2012


Poliklinika Helena, Zagreb, Croatia. September 2012
Preliminary, not final results

Start of research: December 2011
Number of children studied: 50
Method: Salt therapy in salt cocoon and in salt room
Machines used: IIRIS-136 and IIRIS-35 dry salt aerosol generators

1)  Respiratory diseases: Dr G. Gunek Mačukat (left on the photo), Dr M.šunić Omejc, M.Jerbić
- Asthma
- Recurrent obstructive bronchitis
- Pollinosis
- Asthma + pollinosis
- Asthma + atopic dermatitis
Number of patients: average 16 (1-15 years)
Satisfaction with therapy: 16 (all)
Desire for therapy repetition: 16 (all)
Sessions taken: 10
Considerable decrease or even discontinuation of use of medicaments in 50% cases.
Children who have seasonal deterioration of disease (eg. in winter) had no deterioration if halotherapy was used for prevention.

2) Atopic dermatitis: Lena Kotrulja, Dr Nives Pustišek (left on the photo)
Number of patients: average 17 (14 months - 15 years)
Sessions taken: 20
SCORAD index before therapy: from 20 to 61.8 (average 36,74)
SCORAD index after therapy: from 3-36,8 (average 21.85)

2 out of 17 patients had no effect
3 out of 17 patients had almost completely clean skin status

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