Monday, December 3, 2012

Benefits of Salt Therapy: report from Australia

Another great article was published by 7 News Perth which summarises how much benefit salt therapy can bring to people with different health conditions....there are 2 mln people in Australia who suffer from asthma...not to mention all people with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and eczema. The article highlights several cases where patients with serious respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma have received a lot of help from salt therapy. Those people do not understand why medical personnel remains approaches Salt therapy with reservation...
The conclusion of the article is that  further medical approval is very needed. In Estonia, salt therapy is a recognised part of the rehabilitation cycle. Salt rooms can be found in national hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Asthma sufferers can go to salt rooms for free because it is financed by the National Healthcare Fund...the rest of the world needs to follow up in this!!
Read the article here 
                                                         Salt room in Koppen, UK (2005)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

International Symposium of Speleotherapy

On 4-6 October, the XIVth Symposium of Speleotherapy was held in Turda, Romania. IIRIS representative participated at the symposium and presented our state-of-the-art halogenerator IIRIS-136.

The abstracts book is also available online. It provides interesting introductions into various practices in salt caves and salt rooms but there are also instances where salt therapy was combined with other therapies such as balneotherapy, acupuntctue and therapeutic salt lake mud therapy. The patients with various conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia and chronic obstructive bronchitis were investigated. READ the abstracts!

Salina Turda

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Salt therapy can relieve oral corticosteroids side effects

Often times when we talk about salt therapy, we are mentioning its curative effects in case of asthma, broncihits, dermatitis and hay fever. However, how many of you have experienced the benefits of salt therapy thanks to its ability to re-establish fluid, sodium and electrolytes balance in our bodies? Not only does the salt therapy lead towards stronger lung capacity and youthful skin - it has a balancing effect on the body as a whole.
This effect has now been experienced by people suffering from auto-immune diseases (lupus, arthritis) who are on a daily treatment of oral corticosteroids such as medrol (methylprednisolone) or prednisolone. This drug is known for its uncomfortable side effects, most importantly – the fluid & sodium retention and electrolytes imbalance. By taking salt therapy while on oral corticosteroid treatment, these uncomfortable side effects can be relieved. 

Monday, October 15, 2012


Poliklinika Helena, Zagreb, Croatia. September 2012
Preliminary, not final results

Start of research: December 2011
Number of children studied: 50
Method: Salt therapy in salt cocoon and in salt room
Machines used: IIRIS-136 and IIRIS-35 dry salt aerosol generators

1)  Respiratory diseases: Dr G. Gunek Mačukat (left on the photo), Dr M.šunić Omejc, M.Jerbić
- Asthma
- Recurrent obstructive bronchitis
- Pollinosis
- Asthma + pollinosis
- Asthma + atopic dermatitis
Number of patients: average 16 (1-15 years)
Satisfaction with therapy: 16 (all)
Desire for therapy repetition: 16 (all)
Sessions taken: 10
Considerable decrease or even discontinuation of use of medicaments in 50% cases.
Children who have seasonal deterioration of disease (eg. in winter) had no deterioration if halotherapy was used for prevention.

2) Atopic dermatitis: Lena Kotrulja, Dr Nives Pustišek (left on the photo)
Number of patients: average 17 (14 months - 15 years)
Sessions taken: 20
SCORAD index before therapy: from 20 to 61.8 (average 36,74)
SCORAD index after therapy: from 3-36,8 (average 21.85)

2 out of 17 patients had no effect
3 out of 17 patients had almost completely clean skin status

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Salt and relief to arthritis

Read this interesting article in Daily Express where experts say that "salt baths ease the agony of arthritis". We've had feedback from several customers and the rehabilitation centers that in our salt rooms and cocoons people also get relief to their arthritis and joint problems.
READ the article

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Salt Therapy at Mystic fair in Croatia

From 19 to 23 September, a grandiose fair “MYSTIC” (Int'l Fair of Alternative & Healthy Lifestyle and Border Areas of Science) was held in Zagreb, Croatia.

At Mystic, Salt therapy was represented by Natalis Samobor – IIRIS representative in Balkans ( ). But IIRIS company representative also visited and participated at the fair. Also, the owner of IIRIS salt room in Maribor, Slovenia – Ms Maja Mrevlje ( ), participated as a visitor.
The series of presentations were given at the fair. Beneficial qualities of SALT – a vital element in all living beings – were introduced in three presentations. First of them was given by the recognised homeopath Ms Tatjana Oršolić, B. Sc. of homeopathy, London School  ( who emphasised the connection between salt and homeopathy. The best example is the preparate natrum muriaticum (Nat mur). 

Nat mur is nothing more than salt in homeopathy and it has almost the same effects as halotherapy (salt therapy). NaCl is a single molecule with 2 elements - it is very simple and has energizing and purifying effects. It is one of the most famous homeopathic polychrests because it has amazing effects on human health. Nat mur is indicated for: allergies connected with upper airways, mucous membranes, tonsillitis, bronchitis, rhinitis, otitis; also emotional disorders, gynaecological disorders, skin conditions etc. Nat mur or salt rock is connected to evolution of life and this molecule is very important for the human being as a whole.

Tatjana Oršolić, B. Sc. of homeopathy, London School
Salt therapy in general terms was introduced by Ms Irena Majica from Natalis Samobor. 

Irena Majica,Natalis Samobor 

After that, Ms Eva-Liisa Salin from IIRIS Salt Therapy introduced the salt cocoons – a new way to provide salt therapy.

We hope that these presentations are one more step towards raising the awareness that - like two sides of the coin - SALT is a real gift of our Mother Earth. If used in a proper way, it can bring our bodies to balance and relieve many illnesses and disorders. 

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clients swear that salt cures breathing problems

An interesting article was published by 'News 13' in Florida, USA. The article highlights several cases in  which salt therapy had outstanding effects on children' breathing problems.  READ the article

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Salt Therapy at children's clinic in Croatia

Since November 2011, IIRIS salt cocoon has been in use in Helena children's clinic in Croatia. Doctors and parents have followed the effects of salt therapy in case of 30 children who have tried it so far. Many parents have come wondering whether the salt cocoon can alleviate their children' health conditions? Whether it can bring relief?

The preliminary examinations show very good effects in case of various dermatological & respiratory conditions. Check this video to learn more about the IIRIS salt cocoon at Helena clinic.
(Don't forget to turn-on the subtitles if they don't turn on automatically!!)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

This spring, a new salt room was built in the kinder garden "Pingviin" (The Penguin) in Narva, Estonia. In Estonia, there are quite a few salt rooms in kinder gardens, especially in those which are for children with special needs. Salt therapy strengthens the kids' immune system, is good for their joints and helps their boddies to resist various allergic reactions. It is also good for mental stability.

Some children facilities where we have buil salt rooms:
- Käo Day Center for children with severe disabilities
- Haraka Kodu for children with severe disabilities
- Õunake for children with severe disabilities
- Buratino kinder garden
- Urvaste School

 Salt room art in the new kinder garden PINGVIIN. This salt room is equipped with IIRIS-50 salt generator:

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Congress on Natural Therapies

Last weekend, on 30-31 March 2012 a Congress of Natural Therapies was held in Samobor, Croatia.  A wide range of topics were presented. Halotherapy was one of them. Congress was listened by doctors, pediatric doctors, pulmonologists etc.

In Croatia, halotherapy as a natural and complementary method to contemporary medicine is still in the beginning. Doctors are unfamiliar with this therapeutic method, as opposed to the citizens who use this natural therapy to prevent and reduce symptoms of colds or allergies. Halotherapy is a lot more than that. Head of Study of halotherapy with IIRIS halogenerators in Croatia, Dr. Greta Gunek Mačukat presented this therapeutic method to listeners:

Emphasis was also placed on the characteristics and quality of the halogenerator that is used to create salt-cave microclimate conditions in the salt room. Salt room is recognized as something general but there is a big difference.
Conclusion - at present, there is interest among citizens and doctors toward complementary methods and for this reason we will continue to work on educating people in order to raise awareness regarding halotherapy especially!

Natalis Regional Representative for IIRIS

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Halotherapy, Helping the Caribbean breathe easy

By Andy Salandy ACCA CA / 2012-01-27 22:27:28

Founded by Glynis Brewster, the CariBreeze Wellness Spa, home of the Caribbean’s first Halotherapy room, was established to provide a total wellness center in Trinidad and Tobago. A registered nurse with over thirty years experience in health care, Glynis has an unparalleled enthusiasm for seeing and helping people achieve their very best by empowering them in body, mind and spirit. As a main part of her wellness spa she has innovatively instituted Halothearpy, a non-intrusive, natural treatment for various respiratory illnesses as well as other diseases.

Tell us about your company Caribreeze Wellness Spa Ltd?

“Caribreeze is a wellness spa geared towards the potential health and wellness of the client. We provide health education, coaching and dietary supplements to achieve your optimum health. Apart from Halotherapy we are also independent distributors of Herbalife and offer other products and services which positively impact holistic health”

Why Halotherapy as part of your services?

“I have always been interested in health. Over the years my studies and practice have focused mainly on preventative health care and from this I became interested in alternative remedies. It was while visiting the UK in 2010, a colleague told me about halo (salt) therapy so we decided to try it. My friend, my granddaughter and I did the session together. At first I was skeptical because I felt absolutely nothing, but it was when my friend, who is a smoker, said she was feeling a sensation at the back of her throat I also noted that my young granddaughter developed a runny nose. It wasn’t until just about two hours after my session I felt a dull sensation in my chest soon after which I started to feel mucus in my lungs. I realized at that time the therapy had a very positive effect on my respiratory system. It was like a cleansing and my breathing was positively affected. My friend and my grand daughter also had very positive results which inspired me to immediately begin researching more about the process and its benefits. I felt this was definitely a process needed in the Caribbean”

What type of illnesses does Halotherapy treat?

“Mainly respiratory illnesses. Salt therapy has been clinically proven to bring significant relief from symptoms of various illnesses without the use of drugs. These illnesses include allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthmas, common cold, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and even stress.  Paediatric asthma cases in different countries have seen a high success rate using Halotherapy. After 1 or 2 yrs many children have been taken off large doses of inhalers and steroids.  Children and adults alike respond quickly to the complimentary therapy, and whether  the child is suffering from allergies, asthma or any kind of infection, Salt Therapy assists in reducing inflammation, opening passageways, alleviating tightness of the chest, loosening mucus and killing bacteria. 

Explain more of the procedures and science behind Halotherapy?
Usually by referrals, clients can book their appointment at the spa between Monday to Saturday, 6am to 8pm. Once at the spa, clients are interviewed specifically about their health history and lifestyle and what are their aspirations. The procedure is very simple, you enter the salt room and make yourself comfortable. While you relax and breathe naturally the micro-climate clears and cleanses the respiratory system. Positive ions are converted to negative ions which strengthens the immune system.  There are no microbes or allergens so the immune system gets a chance to rest. After this the defenses begin to work alone.  Many of our problems start when the immune system breaks down and because we are exposed to so much pollution it is ever more important to clean the lungs in order to avoid developing asthma or terminal illnesses. Pulmonary Critical Care physicians have explained that while Halotherapy does not replace conventional medicine the ‘Salt therapy acts as an anti oxidant reducing inflammation in the airways’.
Background on Salt Therapy

Halotherapy is derived from speleotherapy - the treatment in the natural salt caves, mined for rock salt. These salt deposits were formed as horizontal salt beds in ancient oceans and were later buried deeply beneath sediments as mountains eroded. Although virtually unknown in North America, Speleotherapy has been practiced in salt caves of Eastern and Central Europe for over 150 years. During the late 18th century the doctors noticed that the workers of salt mining industry never suffered from bronchial or lung diseases, which they realized was due to high salt aerosol content in the mines. In a modern version of this ancient therapy halogenerators are being used in a controlled environment to offer the benefits of the natural deposits found in rock salt. These minerals when concentrated in an enclosed area with stable air temperature, humidity and the absence of airborne pollutants, offer tremendous relief to the respiratory system. These salt particles are then small enough to penetrate deep into the lung tissue.

Local Testimonials

Jocelyn Henry, 65, Santa Cruz Trinidad,

“I suffer with chronic bronchitis and got the cold in July 2011 I have been on a lot of medication since. A friend offered to take me to Caribreeze to try the treatment so I did. I immediately felt an improvement in my breathing, and my sinuses were clearing up. After the first day my body was basically rejecting mucus from my lungs, stomach and nasal passages. I can honestly say that I am breathing at least 95% better than I was before.”

Ms. Regis, Laventille/ Choir member

“I suffer with asthma and serious sinus problems, most mornings I wake up coughing. I heard of Caribreeze and I decided to try a session. During the treatment I felt relaxed but felt a light scratching at the back of my throat. After the first session I found that my breathing had improved and shortly after started experiencing a runny nose and coughing up mucus. After that I found I had no cold or sinus issues and I am singing much better as my breathing is better as well.”

Selwyn Leon, 51, Painter/Builder

“I do construction and painting. I had to work on a concrete project demolishing a floor one day. That night I couldn’t sleep because I was extremely stuffy and had difficulty breathing. I went to Caribreeze for my first session and was somewhat skeptical. As I sat in the room I had no clue that I was being treated. That night I slept uninterruptedly and after two days I realize that I was breathing much better. I am truly amazed and will be going back, will definitely recommend it to anyone.”

For further information on Halotherapy contact us at 868-392-1760, 487-1626, 222-9804, email or visit Caribreeze Wellness Spa on Facebook.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Article in "Mamino Sunce", written by dr Greta Gunek-Mačukat (Croatia)

Halotherapy is a therapeutic method and has a number of beneficial effects on organ systems, particularly on respiratory system through inhaling the dry salt aerosol in salt room which is copies the conditions in natural salt caves. The conditions in the salt room are controlled - the air temperature is 18-24 C, humidity 40% -60%, the average particle size of salt 2-5um, the air is free of allergens, salt concentration 0.5 mg/m3 and higher.
It is a complementary therapy, numerous studies have proven its effectivness, it isn't harmful, and the costs of treatment are acceptable. Unfortunately, this method of treatment is undeservedly in the shadow of medication therapies.

In recent decades, numerous scientific articles were written that prove the effectiveness of halotherapy on respiratory diseases.
Parents are interested in this form of therapy when it comes to their children, since it is a method of treatment which has a small number of contraindications and side effects, and for children it causes no traumas. From our experience, most patients are children of kindergarten age. Halotherapy is effective on infants, especially in eliminating the accumulated mucus in the upper airways, during the banal respiratory infection. Due to specificity of infancy we advise a great caution and make sure to review the child and have good cooperation with the personal physician before you begin halotherapy. Constant medical supervision is required which is why it is necessary that in this instance, salt rooms are operated by the medically trained personnel. To achieve a therapeutic effect we suggest 15-20 treatments (certainly not less than 10). After the first few treatments there may be an initial worsening of symptoms in terms of intense coughing, wheezing that is in most cases, the expected transient response after reaching the elimination of secretions from the respiratory tract and does not require interruption of therapy.

                                               Salt cocoon at Poliklinika Helena, Croatia

Approach to the patient should be individual, in this sense that the salt aerosol concentration, frequency, length of treatment depends on age, types of disease and response of the individual.
In Croatia halotherapy is still in the private domain and therefore is not recognized and supported by a doctor in true sense.

Children's Policlinic in Zagreb in cooperation with the manufacturer of halogenerators IIRIS from Estonia and regional representative of IIRIS halogenerators from Samobor, Natalis Samobor Ltd and Natalis salt room plans to conduct a controlled halotherapy with medical monitoring of their patients and clients. This will show the effects of halotherapy on children with asthma, bronchitis, frequent respiratory infections and atopic dermatitis.

Our wish is that this natural method for complementary treatment and rehabilitation is carried out under controlled standardized conditions with medical supervision, and thus takes its rightful place. Following the example of Estonia, Russia and Canada we want that halotherapy finds its place in Health care system in Croatia!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Salt cocoon presented at Estonian National TV

It was really nice to receive another invitation by the University of Tartu to come and present the salt cocoon as an example of the successful cooperation project between enterprises and the university. This time the invitation was to come and present the salt cocoon at ETV morning programme - a channel that everybody watches in the morning. I have uploaded the video of the presentation - the head of the show, Ms Katrin Viirpalu, really enjoyed being inside the cocoon...
Watch the video with English subtitles!

Salt cocoon and IIRIS halogenerators exhibited in Ireland last summer.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Salt Therapy in salt cocoon - how it works?

Recently, our company has been addressed with several questions regarding the salt cocoon - why is it good; for whom and how it works.  

In a salt cocoon, it is possible to get even closer contact with the salt aerosol than in big salt rooms. The salt aerosol comes either from behind the patient's neck (Saltarium) or where his/her feet are located (IIRIS). In first case, the patient sits, in second case he/she is in a lying position. 
The privacy is guaranteed and relaxing music or stories (for kids) can be listened during the sessions (avg 20 min) while the salt aerosol provides relief to respiratory tract, skin, body and mind.

How the salt cocoons work?

In-depth studies were carried out by Tartu Univeristy in Estonia in order to study the characteristics of the salt aerosol inside the salt cocoon. In result, we elaborated 3 pre-set curative regimes for the salt cocoons which provide salt aerosol concentration up to16 mg/m3 (recommended in existing research). The values of the regimes are illustrated on a following graph:

 The salt particle sizes:

From the first graph it is possible to see that each regime provides concentrations in a different range:
1) the lowest being the most suitable for people with asthma, bronchitis and similar (concentration up to 2 mg/m3); 
2) the second in case of chronic sinusitis, smoker's cough, pharyngitis, colds & cough etc (concentration up to 9 mg/m3); 
3) the third in case of dermal problems (dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, skin infections etc), arthritis and movement difficulties, stress, skin improvement purposes (beauty) etc (concentration up to 16 mg/m3).

From the second graph it is possible to see that most of the salt particles are within the range of 
0,01 - 4 microns.  

The standard time of the session is 20 minutes. 
If a person has several serious health concerns, eg asthma and dermatitis at the same time, it is recommended to choose the regime suited for asthma and move forward to higher regimes if the person/doctor feels comfortable with that.

                           Salt cocoon at children' clinic in Croatia. Decorated nicely for kids.

Salt therapy in salt cocoons has following advantages:
-you can choose the curative regime which is the most suitable for you;
-salt cocoons are very is easy to operate;
-you can relocate the salt cocoons;
-you can locate them in tiny facilities;
-you have a close contact with the salt aerosol;
-privacy is guaranteed;
-it fits mother with the child.

If a person or a doctor decides to administer different concentrations, then it is possible to choose the manual settings of the salt generator which enables to adjust the mill, feeder and fan speeds manually. 

Where is it possible to try the salt cocoons or to get more information locally?

Kokkonen LLC (manufacturer)
Elva hospital, Estonia
Adeli Rehabilitation Centre, Estonia
Salt Spot LLC, USA
Salts of the Earth Ltd, Australia
Salt Therapy Spa Ltd, Ireland
Helena Children' Clinic, Croatia
Saldium Geral, Portugal
Salt Rooms Ltd, Israel
Saltrummet, Sweden

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Research in English

There are just few pieces of serious research on halotherapy which is also available in English - most of the research that we trust, is in Russian and soon I am planning to give an overview of this research. Here are the links to research reports in English which we trust:

1) Dr Alla Chervinskaya, Central Medical Unit of Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Saint-Petersburg: Halotherapy for Treatment of Respiratory Diseases

2) Dr Alla Chervinskaya, Central Medical Unit of Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Saint-Petersburg: Halotherapy in Dermatology and Cosmetology

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ancient treatment revamped

Salt therapy is gaining massive popularity with special treatment rooms being set up to help those suffering from a range of medical conditions...This is told at Australia News Tonight
The overview contains several testimonials of people who have found relief from salt therapy. IIRIS salt therapy representative in Australia, Mr David Lindsay, explains:
"During sessions, machines grind up pharmaceutical salt to a fine dust that is then dispersed into the room and inhaled. What the salt then does is it naturally draws fluid to it, so therefore it helps relieve the inflammation of the airways. It then naturally breaks up all the congestion."
Salt therapy has Therapeutic Goods of Australia approval, but Linsday is now pushing for a Medicare rebate.
Check this link to get a short video overview or to read the full text. 

                                Salt room in Dorpat Spa, Tartu, Estonia

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

An amazing salt therapy testimonial - Australia

This video shows to whom and how the salt therapy has been of benefit...the Salt therapy room in Bondi Junction, Sydney at A Current Affair on 3 January 2012 ---WATCH THE VIDEO

Salt therapy room in Australia

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