Friday, October 31, 2014

New spa trend: Salt therapy claims to relieve symptoms of allergies, asthma and skin conditions

Yet another article about salt therapy! Published today in 
"New spa trend: Salt therapy claims to relieve symptoms of allergies, asthma and skin conditions." it is mostly about the new salt room "Salt Spa Walnut Creek" in California, USA.

The article is good. It explains what salt therapy is, brings customers' feedback, some examples of research and also doctor's view to it. It is also interesting to know that in 2011, Spafinder Wellness, a company that tracks the international wellness industry, labeled halotherapy as one of the "top 10 global spa trends."
This article is a recommended reading, here are few more lines from it: 
"Since starting her 45-minute sessions at the salt spa in July, she's enjoyed so much relief she's been able to scale back her use of decongestants and a corticosteroid inhaler."

Middle-schooler Ethan Le, of Walnut Creek, does homework while he and his mother visit the Salt Spa. Ethan began treatments over the summer to stop sinus congestion from keeping him up at night. "After two weeks, he was like, 'Mom, I can finally sleep through the night,' " says his mother, Alona Kremko, whose facial rosacea cleared while she accompanied her son to treatments.  


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Salt therapy for babies

Salt therapy suits for people of all ages. Salts of the Earth has published a great story (see below) about their client who took their restless baby to the salt room and found great relief to coughs.  Family members from IIRIS Salt Therapy Team have a salt room in their home. Babies get regular salt treatment. If there are signs of coughs and colds, salt therapy is the first things to start with. Homeopathy is a good complimentary method that we apply. Only if absolutely necessary (eg. really high fever, ear infection that needs urgent medical attention etc) we give drugs. So: we use alternative methods first but we also consult with pediatricians and we don't outlaw contemporary medicine.
But remember: salt therapy sessions for babies must be much shorter! 10 minutes is maximum for the small baby. For older children, give 15-20 minutes but not more.

Here's a story by Salts of the Earth: 3 for 1 With the Young Mommy