Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Salt therapy for babies

Salt therapy suits for people of all ages. Salts of the Earth has published a great story (see below) about their client who took their restless baby to the salt room and found great relief to coughs.  Family members from IIRIS Salt Therapy Team have a salt room in their home. Babies get regular salt treatment. If there are signs of coughs and colds, salt therapy is the first things to start with. Homeopathy is a good complimentary method that we apply. Only if absolutely necessary (eg. really high fever, ear infection that needs urgent medical attention etc) we give drugs. So: we use alternative methods first but we also consult with pediatricians and we don't outlaw contemporary medicine.
But remember: salt therapy sessions for babies must be much shorter! 10 minutes is maximum for the small baby. For older children, give 15-20 minutes but not more.

Here's a story by Salts of the Earth: 3 for 1 With the Young Mommy

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