Friday, September 26, 2014

How Salt Therapy May Be the Next Big Thing in Pampering Yourself

An interesting article, published on 17 September 2014 in "Good Morning America". I would however make some corrections...yes, people may be hoping that "breathing in misty salty vapors" is clearing their lungs and purifying their skin. However, I would replace the word "vapor" with the word "aerosol". Even better - the dry salt aerosol. What's the difference? It's been scientifically proven that, the dry salt aerosol is much more effective than misty salt vapor. It enters deeper into the respiratory tract and doesn't cause congestion. So, if you really want to be pampered in a salt room, make sure to use our Dry Salt Aerosol Generators IIRIS!

The article also shows there is clearly need for domestic halotherapy solutions: "Some drive up to three hours to experience the $45, 45-minute spa treatments. Many wind up buying $1,000 unlimited, yearly memberships." Rather than doing this, you can buy our salt cocoon or small IIRIS-136 salt aerosol generator and put it into your house. You can pamper yourself in your house whenever you want! Our products are available globally.

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