Sunday, January 6, 2013

Again about salt therapy's effects on electrolytes and fluids balance

Previously in this blog I have emphasised what good effects salt therapy can have on people who undergo oral corticosteroid treatments (prendisolone, medrol). People who take these drugs for a longer period of time have reported how the treatment makes their bodies to swell; makes them constantly thirsty; gives muscle cramps etc. All these are the signs of electrolytes and fluid imbalance - common side effects of prednisolone and medrol. Now some of these people have tried salt therapy while undergoing corticosteroid treatment and it has helped them a great deal.
"I don't have to drink all night...I am not so thirsty anymore during the days and nights," reported 35 years old Kate who has had lupus for 6 years.
Besides the practical experience by many people, several studies have now shown how salt therapy can contribute towards electrolytes, sodium and fluids balance in our bodies. In other words, it contributes towards normal metabolic processes. See the latest piece: "Influence of Halotherapy on the Hydroelectrolytes Balance in Rats and Hmans" (M.Hoteteu, G.Simionca, R.Rodica, L.Enache. National Institue of Rehabilitation, Bucharest, Romania).
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