Friday, December 13, 2013

First Salt room opened in Rehabilitation centre Zagreb, Sloboština

On 25th of November Natalis Samobor, regional representative of IIRIS salt therapy products in Balkan region since 2011 opened the halotherapy room in Centre for rehabilitation "Zagreb", Croatia. This is the first halotherapy room made especially for children with moderate, severe and profound mental retardation. 
Good Estonian practice in similar rehabilitation centres in Tallinn was a guiding principle for making a similar halotherapy room in Zagreb. 

Centre for rehabilitation "Zagreb" was founded in 1947 by Ministry of Labour and Social Care. Activities of the Centre include rehabilitation of children, young and adult persons with moderate, severe and profound mental retardation. They are carried out through different programs and activities and therapies:

           health care and prevention (health services)
           preschool care and education
           primary school education
           program sin family counselling for parents
           occupational and psychosocial rehabilitation
           social work program
           cultural and public activities
           prevention od institutionalization
           different therapies (sneezy room, musical therapy, therapeutic riding)
           …and new therapy - halotherpy

Halotherapy room in Sloboština has special effects that are the same in regular salt rooms. Additionally, this room can be used as a rehabilitation room  for other therapies.
It is very important to have special microclimate conditions for a quality halotherapy. IIRIS products work on patented mode and all measurements for providing a quality therapy classifies IIRIS halogenerators in a special class of instruments. In Estonian hospitals, IIRIS halogenerators are in use for salt therapy purposes for years and IIRIS was Natalis' choice in making halotherapy room in rehabilitation centre in Zagreb.

Eastern Europe is practicing speleotherapy from 19th century and halotherapy is a way of providing microclimate conditions of caves in artificial space – halotherapy room. Salt room is a special room where walls are covered by salt BUT a quality halotherapy can be also in a salt cocoon or special cabin .
We are very happy to present this project and hope that salt therapy or halotherapy as a complementary therapy will be recognized in Croatia like it is in Estonia!

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