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Halotherapy lecture in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
May 18th 2013

Tuzla is the only city in Europe with salt lakes and the only city in the world where salt lakes, baths and beaches are located in the centre of the city. Millions of years ago, as the great Pannonian Sea was receding from European ground it left millions of tons of salt rock and salt water underneath Tuzla. Thanks to this natural wealth, and with the aid of domestic experts, in 2003, this salt water was turned into the first Pannonian Lake and the second Pannonian Lake in 2008. These lakes contain salt water rich with minerals, which is pumped to the surface with the aid of salt wells. Aside from its recreational and entertainment value, the lakes and their water have healing properties, especially for aiding in treating health issues like skin problems, rheumatic ailments, and respiratory disorders.  The Pannonian Lakes occupy a surface of 17.000 square meters, with 1.000 meter long beaches and a park land of 60.000 square meters. The salinity of the water is equal to that of sea water and contains 30 to 40 grams per litre. The salt water itself has exceptional therapeutic properties. The lake facilities contain playgrounds for children and fitness areas. In four years’ time, the Pannonian Lake complex has been visited by more than two million tourists.


Dr. Greta Gunek-Mačukat and mag. Phy. Irena Majica were invited in city Tuzla by prof. E. Bećirović to do lecture about Halotherapy and study what is going on in children’ clinic Helena in Zagreb, Croatia.
Lecture was organized by prof. Bećirović occupied several doctors with different specializations, pharmacists and common people - everybody who wanted to learn more about rehabilitation methods. Introduction lecture into speleotherapy and halotherapy was made prof. Bećirović, leader of Rehabilitation Department of the University of Medicine in Tuzla. It was necessary to show that this kind of rehabilitation is present in Eastern part of Europe since 19th century, but still very little present in the“Western world”. Emphasis was in showing that allopathic medicine in combinations with rehabilitation methods give better results, prolong remission among patients and give new methods that are simple and use nature’s resources.
Dr Greta Gunek-Mačukat made a lecture about halotherapy and presented the first results that are collected from the salt cocoon therapy in Helena clinic within past 18 months. The survey aims to track effects of halotherapy on children with asthma in controlled conditions, recurrent obstructive bronchitis, atopic dermatitis, otitis media, and recurrent laryngitis. Most research in halotherapy has been carried out on adults. However, children are frequent users of halotherapy, and additional investigations are needed in the paediatric population. The research results should prove halotherapy effects as natural method for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from the most common chronic diseases of the respiratory system and skin combining it with allopathic medicine.

Mag. Phy. Irena Majica gave short lecture about methods of conducting halotherapy with emphasis on microclimate in salt cocoon, salt cabins or salt rooms where halotherapy is conducted with special machine called dry salt aerosol generator IIRIS 136. It is necessary to say that halotherapy is a new method developed from speleotherapy. It uses only simple input of NaCl (rock salt) in salt capsule/cabin or salt room. This relatively new method is still finding its place in global range. 

This therapy isn’t only for health and rehabilitation. It can provide great results in cosmetics and SPA treatment.

Lecture was ended by visiting salt lakes in Tuzla. It was very sunny and warm and we wished to stay longer...

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  1. Salt therapy consists of sitting in a room coated with salt crystals and pumped full of salt-laden air. However, since I was young until today old folks would really say that salt water helps when it comes to driving different illnesses away.