Saturday, October 8, 2011

The secret of the salt room

The following article was published in 2001 in magazine The Family and Home & in Estonian web-based women newsletter The Women World. It starts by saying that in life, it is often so that everything new is actually the long-forgotten "old". The same applies to the salt therapy: its effects were known centuries ago but in modern Estonia it is a new method which was introduced to people just few years ago. More precisely, the salt rooms were first introduced in Estonia 6 years ago (eg 1995). They were first built in sanatoriums but later also in health centers as well as Tallinn's Children Hospital (= the biggest children hospital in Estonia). 
Dr Lea Salistu tells that the salt rooms suit especially well for the asthmatics: the sputum can be coughed out, the gasping lessens. The tiny salt particles also kill bacteria and fungi on the skin and reduces the mucosa swelling. Sometimes, people start coughing even more. This should not be taken as alarm - quite the contrary - it is part of the healing process. The nurse who administers at the salt room, Ms Ludmilla Kostenko wotnesses that she has not suffered any viral diseases for couple of years (due to the difficult climate, most Estonians have at least some kind of virus every winter. In case of children, it is even more frequent). 

The article goes on to remind that despite wonderful effects, salt therapy is not suitable for everyone. Salt therapy is not recommended in case of:
-acute viral diseases
-acute asthma and asthmatic seizures
- actue lung diseases and tuberkulosis
-heart failure
-high blood pressure (this is being argued).

The following questions should be asked before deciding whether salt therapy is recommended for an individual:
-is it a good time for salt therapy or the patient should continue with the prescription medication for right now?
-is the administration of salt therapy justified?
-how high the salt aerosol concentration must be?

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  1. At the end of the article one can see the testimonials of children:

    Valeri (13): "I have asthma. Already when I was born, I had difficulties with breathing. I have visited salt room for three times. I felt better already after the first time. I like it here because I can rest here after school. I have even fallen asleep here. I can't feel anything else but the salty taste in my mouth."

    Hiie (10): "I also have asthma and it started when I was just 1 yo. I have to visit the salt room for 20 times, 45 min at the time. It is a bit boring. I have not noticed if my health has become better but it hasn't worsened either. I think it is useful. I have a bit of allergy on my skin and this has become a bit better."