Monday, October 17, 2011

The Mysterious Salt Therapy Repels the Drugs

This article, published in Estonian Postman (Postimees) in 2003, starts with the story of a 2,5 years old Hanna Simona who got relief from salt therapy to her exhausting bronchial asthma. Now, she doesn’t have to use so many drugs as before. “Hanna Simona’s immune system has really become stronger” explained her mother Jaana Allas who confesses that at the kinder garden, Hanna used to be the first who catches a virus or a cold. When her mother notices some signs of the coughs, she immediately hurries to the salt room. Usually, the relief is noticed after 2 weeks but this time, 2 days already gave the positive result.

The ear-nose-throat doctor Ljudmila Fjodorova explained that salt therapy is a good way to prevent viral diseases.  Meanwhile, Dr Fjodorova reminded that everything depends on the diagnosis. For example, in case of strong asthma (or any other serious illness), one should not quit their drugs.

The owner of the salt room Ms Juta Käärik is motivated by the patients’ satisfaction and opens up a second salt room. “People with skin diseases sometimes want more privacy” she explains.

The nurse at the salt room, Ms Eda Suits, has also heard much content from the patients: the improvement has been noticed in case of the inflammation of the sinus(es), breathtaking asthma, acute skin diseases and even the infection at the root of the tooth. Usually, the disease becomes aggressive for some time after the session(s) in order to completely back away afterwards.
The salt therapy relives asthma and chronic bronchitis; infections in upper respiratory system and sinuses; chronic colds, cough and tonsillitis; skin diseases; allergic infections; stress, insomnia and anxiety.
Salt therapy is  not recommended in case of acute viral diseases and high fever; tuberculosis; heart failures.

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