Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Salt Therapy Reinforces Your Health"

Estonian Daily Newspaper - the second most read newspaper in Estonia - published this article already in 2001.
"Salt room is like the magic land of the Snow Queen...expect that the white on the walls is salt and it's not cold in the salt room." After few sessions in a salt room, the asthma sufferers are able to breathe easier and children' cough becomes loose (due to mucous release). The manager of the Järvamaa Rehabilitation center, Mr Vaher, assures that it is not necessary to grasp the air while in the salt room. A person can totally relax and sleep for 45 minutes if he/she wishes.
The children can play with trucks in the snow, eg salt transportation, or  build the salt caves for their toys.

Further on, the article explains that salt therapy is the most effective in case of asthma and bronchitis. "The salt aerosol enables to cough out the mucous and it enhances the breathing." Mr Vaher also tells about the patient who came with acute sinusitis and already during the 4-5th session, the inflammatory fluid started to come out through the patient's nose. The nurse Ms Krais tells that many people come to salt room for prophylactics and afterward they confirm that colds and viral diseases don't affect them so easily anymore. This applies very well to children whose resistance to diseases gets reinforced. Ms Krais also states that some people don't feel anything after 14 sessions but later on they admit that their health has really improved.
The costs of salt therapy in a salt room in case of asthma and bronchitis are covered by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.  For other diseases, the patient has to pay himself. 


  1. At the end of this article is the testimonial of the mother of 4-year old Mariin: "I went to seek help from salt therapy because my daughter Mariin had had cough for a long time. During the first sessions, the salt aerosol made her cough even more. During the third time I heard that the cough had started to loosen up. It finally loosened up when we had passed half of the treatment cycle. So - it helped."

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