Saturday, October 8, 2011

Salt room is not the arrest chamber

The heading of this article is a bit funny but in Estonian language, the arrest chamber or the detention room is called the "salt kiosk". So that's why the heading is such. Anyways, the article was published in 2001 in Estonia's second most read newspaper - The Estonian Daily News. It reminds people that salt is not just spice - it is a disinfecting agent which kills germs. Being in salt (aerosol) helps to prevent respiratory diseases and throat infections. It facilitates the life of asthmatics and gives relief in case of allergic skin diseases. Overall, it reinforces the immune system. 
 The article describes promptly how the system works: the salt is being sprayed to the room by the special machine (=the halogenerator). It produces tiny, tiny particles which are capable of penetrating to bronchi of different diameter. The effect is that those tiny salt particles liquefy the secretion and in result, it can be coughed more easily.

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