Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Article in "Mamino Sunce", written by dr Greta Gunek-Mačukat (Croatia)

Halotherapy is a therapeutic method and has a number of beneficial effects on organ systems, particularly on respiratory system through inhaling the dry salt aerosol in salt room which is copies the conditions in natural salt caves. The conditions in the salt room are controlled - the air temperature is 18-24 C, humidity 40% -60%, the average particle size of salt 2-5um, the air is free of allergens, salt concentration 0.5 mg/m3 and higher.
It is a complementary therapy, numerous studies have proven its effectivness, it isn't harmful, and the costs of treatment are acceptable. Unfortunately, this method of treatment is undeservedly in the shadow of medication therapies.

In recent decades, numerous scientific articles were written that prove the effectiveness of halotherapy on respiratory diseases.
Parents are interested in this form of therapy when it comes to their children, since it is a method of treatment which has a small number of contraindications and side effects, and for children it causes no traumas. From our experience, most patients are children of kindergarten age. Halotherapy is effective on infants, especially in eliminating the accumulated mucus in the upper airways, during the banal respiratory infection. Due to specificity of infancy we advise a great caution and make sure to review the child and have good cooperation with the personal physician before you begin halotherapy. Constant medical supervision is required which is why it is necessary that in this instance, salt rooms are operated by the medically trained personnel. To achieve a therapeutic effect we suggest 15-20 treatments (certainly not less than 10). After the first few treatments there may be an initial worsening of symptoms in terms of intense coughing, wheezing that is in most cases, the expected transient response after reaching the elimination of secretions from the respiratory tract and does not require interruption of therapy.

                                               Salt cocoon at Poliklinika Helena, Croatia

Approach to the patient should be individual, in this sense that the salt aerosol concentration, frequency, length of treatment depends on age, types of disease and response of the individual.
In Croatia halotherapy is still in the private domain and therefore is not recognized and supported by a doctor in true sense.

Children's Policlinic in Zagreb in cooperation with the manufacturer of halogenerators IIRIS from Estonia and regional representative of IIRIS halogenerators from Samobor, Natalis Samobor Ltd and Natalis salt room plans to conduct a controlled halotherapy with medical monitoring of their patients and clients. This will show the effects of halotherapy on children with asthma, bronchitis, frequent respiratory infections and atopic dermatitis.

Our wish is that this natural method for complementary treatment and rehabilitation is carried out under controlled standardized conditions with medical supervision, and thus takes its rightful place. Following the example of Estonia, Russia and Canada we want that halotherapy finds its place in Health care system in Croatia!

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