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Salt Therapy in salt cocoon - how it works?

Recently, our company has been addressed with several questions regarding the salt cocoon - why is it good; for whom and how it works.  

In a salt cocoon, it is possible to get even closer contact with the salt aerosol than in big salt rooms. The salt aerosol comes either from behind the patient's neck (Saltarium) or where his/her feet are located (IIRIS). In first case, the patient sits, in second case he/she is in a lying position. 
The privacy is guaranteed and relaxing music or stories (for kids) can be listened during the sessions (avg 20 min) while the salt aerosol provides relief to respiratory tract, skin, body and mind.

How the salt cocoons work?

In-depth studies were carried out by Tartu Univeristy in Estonia in order to study the characteristics of the salt aerosol inside the salt cocoon. In result, we elaborated 3 pre-set curative regimes for the salt cocoons which provide salt aerosol concentration up to16 mg/m3 (recommended in existing research). The values of the regimes are illustrated on a following graph:

 The salt particle sizes:

From the first graph it is possible to see that each regime provides concentrations in a different range:
1) the lowest being the most suitable for people with asthma, bronchitis and similar (concentration up to 2 mg/m3); 
2) the second in case of chronic sinusitis, smoker's cough, pharyngitis, colds & cough etc (concentration up to 9 mg/m3); 
3) the third in case of dermal problems (dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, skin infections etc), arthritis and movement difficulties, stress, skin improvement purposes (beauty) etc (concentration up to 16 mg/m3).

From the second graph it is possible to see that most of the salt particles are within the range of 
0,01 - 4 microns.  

The standard time of the session is 20 minutes. 
If a person has several serious health concerns, eg asthma and dermatitis at the same time, it is recommended to choose the regime suited for asthma and move forward to higher regimes if the person/doctor feels comfortable with that.

                           Salt cocoon at children' clinic in Croatia. Decorated nicely for kids.

Salt therapy in salt cocoons has following advantages:
-you can choose the curative regime which is the most suitable for you;
-salt cocoons are very is easy to operate;
-you can relocate the salt cocoons;
-you can locate them in tiny facilities;
-you have a close contact with the salt aerosol;
-privacy is guaranteed;
-it fits mother with the child.

If a person or a doctor decides to administer different concentrations, then it is possible to choose the manual settings of the salt generator which enables to adjust the mill, feeder and fan speeds manually. 

Where is it possible to try the salt cocoons or to get more information locally?

Kokkonen LLC (manufacturer)
Elva hospital, Estonia
Adeli Rehabilitation Centre, Estonia
Salt Spot LLC, USA
Salts of the Earth Ltd, Australia
Salt Therapy Spa Ltd, Ireland
Helena Children' Clinic, Croatia
Saldium Geral, Portugal
Salt Rooms Ltd, Israel
Saltrummet, Sweden

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  1. Children in Helena Clinic, Croatia enjoy treatments in the "salt aquarium". Doctors monitor the halotherapy effect on children. By now they have excellent feedback from patients. Capsule is a great invention for individual therapies and we will continue in monitoring patients. We do hope to involve more and more doctors with halotherapy and make children grow up healthier.